I got banned basically for no reason

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What did you joke about?

No, you will not be permanent banned unless it was JayStation level of “jokes”.

Considering there’s no context whatsoever other than the fact that you said “Joking around” makes me think that you were joking about something that you shouldn’t be joking about.

Average PW player complaining about getting banned for harassing minorities and swearing and claiming it’s a joke


Well, this man hasn’t told us what type of joke it was.

Clearly one enough to get a ban !

I had someone a few days ago using the ‘n’ word in FISHERMANSSS I said none of that, carry on and I’ll report you stating it’s a ban . All he did was dance around and state it profusely … then said “I’m only joking” i banned him i didn’t report

So my point is if you report someone for this it’s likely they will be banned

Idiot and good riddance if it was him …

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few days ago someone was spamming n-words in gms while using all kinds of hacks and to this day he still is not banned

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someone was making fun of having um… s*xual relationship with children underage of 18(basically they were a pedo) and i am not sure if they are banned

good job mods

I remember one time when i said that all P2P supporters should KYS and i didnt get ban

I said i was selling a nuke for real money as a joke but i think it triggered the bots.

Ah yeah someone probably heard the word real money and immediately pressed ban button assuming it was an illegal trader

All these replies fail to mention if the person was reported .

If you report with a world, time, date and name better still a screenshot of someone using the n word I’d be stunned if they aren’t banned

Quite frankly Koukori need to up there game in stuff like this in the UK they could be prosecuted for inaction …

Slightly different subject but the parrot sign with porno on i mentioned on here has finally been changed …

Did someone finally see my post and deal with it? :thinking:

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We really don’t need to, it’s very likely that Neoslayer’s situation is a thing. You gotta take into account that people scan in games like Pixel Worlds, a few years back I said I was gonna give away a world lock if people helped me clear a world and a few people joined, asking when the giveaway will start. They saw “Giveaway wl” without reading before it and only saw “Giveaway”. It wouldn’t be far fetched if they scanned through and saw “Real money” and thought it was an illegal trader.

Nothing of this is related to the actual post in question, and even the stuff before it is pointing out the obvious.

Oh and, they won’t get prosecuted because some random person in the game said the N word, that’s in game and even then if it happened in the real world they wouldn’t get in trouble unless it was blatantly racist. Of course, if someone said I’m gonna make a nuclear bomb they would get in federal trouble because the government has to take threats like that seriously. But other than that, this is wrong.

Moose you are wrong on the racist info.

Use of discriminatory racist comments is actually illegal. Business (incl. Game makers) have a duty of care if they have no system in place they are breaking that law.

You can’t stop it but you have to have a system …

Even the likes of Facebook are required to have systems and an army of people to watch this, they have no choice .

You must remember there are a lot of ‘minors’ in games like this you are naive if you think game makers can just let it ‘run wild’ so to speak … They are regulated and can be shut down .

Now 1 incidence is not going to do that but this IS how it is …

I still can’t believe i reported ----- 3x over 6mths and they did nothing .

My 9yr old lil sis does not need to ask me again what xhamster and ---- are .
Which she really did…

So yeah it is relevant lts all about standards and some of us actually have them!

MMM nuff said, my mini rant is over

JUST 3 TIMES IN 6 MONTHS?!?!?!? You have never experienced the real dirty side of pw my man :pensive:

This thread is getting off-topic…

This forum is literally becoming the definition of off-topic.

I said it was illegal if it was blatantly racist