I got covid19

Man i just got covid today and i have no game to play…
Im the unluckiest guy in the world rn

get well, remember you are not alone)

Stay positive! And I wish you the best of recovery.

Ty guys for this good energy but thts kinda wierd feeling

Good luck. Regardless, you’ll be fine!

Ty dude i hope u never get covid tht rlly bad

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Well I do have a airborne contagious disease which I don’t show to the doctors because I am lazy, Uh Oh where was I? Oh yeah good luck to my self

Btw the game just say no connection but im connected to wifi

They probably shut off the server, thats why it can’t connect there

Yea i think so (20 characters)

Yeah they’re most supposedly testing them on the actual server. Under my eyes

stay safe my dude! my mom once got covid, she wore 2 masks at the same time at the same time at home so none of us got it. it is pretty hard but i would suggest it if you want your family to be safe

Guys have u ever seen this glitch?

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If it helps I had Covid in the spring - best tip i have is take it easy … Your energy will come back

It ain’t no flu. Oh and did I say take it easy!

Good luck, you’ll be fine .

All my entire family got covid acctuly

I think somebody threw an EMP grenade at you.

maintrace not ends how u play

Even my 6 month sister and dont ask me how

Its from befor man :confused: