I got covid19

oh… bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

CoronaVirus Is airborne meaningbit travells through the air. And it’s most undetectable from the outside, till it’s done spreading and enters your lungs. That MAY BE WHY

Note: I am not a scientist, nor have I researched that much before writing this post, do not take medical advice from me, it can lead to… Well umm accidents.

I know where i got covid

Yesterday i was in my grandma house

And she dont even wear masks

oh okay. i hope none of you have serious type of covid

So we all got covid …

Follow the guidelines kids, and errr grandparents and parents and moms and dads and cousins and maternal father and maternal mothers. Stay safe!

Get well dude, how did you got covid… when you didn’t yesterday…

stay strong!

Fortunately yes we dont have a serious type of covid cuz we got vaccine


1 day is too short of an incubation period.

:smiley: good for you and your family! i hope i wont ever get covid bcus i never got vaccinated :frowning: my parents arent anti-vaccinators or smth they just forgot to vaccinate me

Ik but we have a covid test and it was positive

What I’m saying is, your grandma most likely didn’t infect you.

And also you might have infected your grandma, cuz you probably got infected before visiting her.

Uhh thts so bad man i hope u never get covid atleast u cant get covid from devices lol

No cuz my grandam never weared mask

Remind them :skull:

thanks :smiley: have a nice day!

Talk to someone or watch youtube. If you wrote in the forums then I assume you are capable of watching youtube on your device.