I got kicked out of Level 5 Mines

I got kicked out of level 5 mine. There was no wifi symbol or disconnection mark, it just instantly kicked me to main menus.
The moment when I got kicked was when getting my sixth or seventh dark nugget. I am not sure what was the exact cause for kick but it happened when breaking blocks and jumping to collect a nugget.
In-game name: FarmMiner
Happened at 16-May-2021 15:12 Finnish time.

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Same reason as before, has to do with hitting enemies hack check.

But in that case, a lot of innocent people would lose wls due to this.

Not sure how common this is, but you’re right. It’s on our list, but like with pretty much everything else, the update is priority number one at the moment.

I have an issue similiar to this where I get kicked wih no wifi/disconnection symbol, except it’ll do this for me anywhere anytime at all at random intervals, only happens for me on one of my devices that I downloaded Pixel Worlds on steam, the others which are mobile version work just fine, would you happen to know why

I think he already explains that.

but it’s at completely random intervals, I could be doing nothing at all, walking around, fishing, etc and it might kick me, and it’s usually quite frequent

If you can provide an accurate time of this happening, we can possibly look into the reason (props to @FarmMiner for exceptionally valid info).

This happens when I’m sitting still and fishing

Well just now, 2:38 am EST I exited a world and after about 5 seconds on the main menu (Active Worlds, Recently visited, Pixel Station, etc) it sent me to the starting loading screen with the Pixel worlds guy

Tried going to Pixel Station and part way through the loading screen to enter the world it sent me back to the main menu

Entered Pixel Station and after about 45.5 seconds it sent me back to the loading screen, I checked PWE and then went to do the parkour

Entered Netherworld and after roughly 56 seconds of fighting monsters it sent me to loading screen then to main menu

it’s happened before when I’m doing nothing or just standing around or shortly after I entered a world many times, sometimes it takes a few seconds sometimes a few minutes, doesn’t give me the wifi/disconnection symbol and shows no signs of me about to disconnect (players stop moving, monsters not taking damage, blocks not breaking, etc)

I forgot to mention I’ll also need your in-game name…

It’s my forums username, Sukuso

It happened me one time but i were at level 2-3 mine! So it wasnt so bad thing but still

It happened to me at level 1-3 mines, the reason why I quit being a miner and having a debt on mine gears, Atlest fix this issue please!