I got scammed 35k lmao

dont trust test.

:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:
I can give you 1k so its 34k

Trust test? What happened lmao.

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Trust Tests usually don’t happen in PW since it’s a GT thing, but basically, It’s where one person is at one side of building, world, or hallway. You’re at the other. The owner drops one item, and you drop an item of your choice. The owner would usually ban you, kick you, or a co-owner would ban/kick you.

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owner was a friend he got 35k bc of me saying he was recording(i was luckily recording too) tthen took 30k of another guy. then he said his mom was calling him. he left and we found him in another world lol

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Ahh yes, trust games. The second most common form of scams after drop games.


I trust this absolute stranger I’ve only met for 5 seconds with my belongings


lol .

Friends don’t exist dude, just friends and frenemies. Everybody has a point in which they’ll turn on you.

Oh that, I generally call it the “trust game” named after the infamous dropgame.

I hate these kind of people, that’s why I don’t even trust my cousin whom I can kill if he doesn’t give me back my bc.