I had a dream about PW

There was an event, in which a new dungeon opened. It sort of looked like Nether but was… different.

So I went to that dungeon, and because I was insanely lucky for some reason, I got a limited item with a brand-new rarity “LM” or something, which is even rarer than L+. It was worth like 100PL.

After that, I woke up. But I wish I was that lucky in real PW. The only legendary I have is the muggy card from streams, which is not even 50WL.

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wl and pl ? what are thsoe


i wonder

Must be an alternative timeline where they didn’t make WLs untradeable.

Although I worry for the economy ngl, 100 PL sounds a lot for 1 single item…

That sounds like a really great dream :grin:

LMO rarity item

Iron fist
“rule with an iron first.
Swing at everyone”
1000 damage
1000 range
Bans player on impact

You can also get the “Aldople eye” too

“The stare of death”
Gives aimbot, will never miss a click
1000 defence, makes wearer Immune to “community complaint” debuff