I had a dream about

Someone developing an extension or an app or something which let me watch streams completely undisturbed. No point system, no bits, no subs, no other affiliate cough SSN cough stuff, just pure chat and pure stream. No distractions.

Anyone knows if there’s a real extension like this? I would just watch the stream fullscreen but there’s no chat on fullscreen. I’ve tried FFZ, but it only let you disable certain stuff, not just “No affiliate crap at all”.

I’m not looking for this thread to be drama about if AFF is easy or not, but rather CIVILIZED discussion about whether there’s a way to hide AFF-related stuff or not.


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well, forums have answered you multiple times that we cannot help you in this situation because no one else here probably hasn’t gotten that deep about this topic.

You’ll find better help from youtube, google.


Seeing that YT removed dislikes, you really cannot tell if a video is garbage or not.


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They didn’t remove comment section, did they?


No, but the video owners can:

  • Disable comments
  • Remove any comments that are “bad”

You can see the amount of views/likes video has gained, this can also imply if video accurate or not.

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That’s the thing, if you see they disabled the comments and likes, you should probably go to another video

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“UsE tHiS cOmMeNt As A dIsLiKe BuTtOn”


Imagine being a silly goose and needing to see the likes to dislikes ratio before deciding whether or not you enjoyed something. Other people’s dislikes shouldn’t matter (unless ofc you are truly incapable of forming your own opinion or you’re afraid of being in the minority).

Discourse doesn’t have a dislike post feature… However, if it did I’d be sure to abuse it on all the lonely, attention-seeking people who live on the pw forums. None spring to mind though :thinking:

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While the basic Discourse package doesn’t have dislikes, they still can be installed as a plugin.

You are completely ignoring that not all content on Youtube is for entertainment only. As has been mentioned, it saves time if you see a tutorial video with a bad like/dislike ratio, as you can assume it’s not very good. Even on videos focused on purely entertainment, like/dislike ratio is usually a good indicator of quality. There is no defending the decision to hide dislikes, as the positives that come with it are extremely negligible compared to the negatives.

Well there is one way but its actually on twitch. Theres a fullscreen button on the video, and a remove chat button by the fullscreen button.

If dislikes serve no purpose for you, great. There is no reason to remove extra bit of information for people who actually want to see it. You can look at the dislikes and make up your own mind, they are not mutually exclusive. Also, “worst possible example” and “useful to maybe 1 in 50 people” are absolute nonsense. What’s the best possible example then? All content does not deserve to be watched, regardless of the effort put into it. How many times have you looked up tutorials on technical things? Not many I suspect. All tutorials are not life hacks that instruct you on how to open a pickle jar most efficiently. The subjects they cover are vast. Youtube is not a platform that has to be used exclusively for entertainment, it has value beyond that and dislikes aid in finding quality educational content, besides also aiding in finding quality entertainment. If seeing dislikes bothers you personally then you are free to use, for example, uBlock Origin and block the dislike element. Should be possible.

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Just go to twitch and filter by viewers Low to High. Watch any streamer with 0-2 viewers… you won’t have to worry about subs and bits popping up then :stuck_out_tongue:
Or just watch YouTube videos, try -GAME NAME- no commentary. Usually you can get like 1-2 hour long videos with nothing to distract you.

As for an extension. You won’t find one. The pop up is directly pasted as an overlay on top of the stream. That is then sent to Twitch/Youtube for who ever is streaming. No way to block it out unless the streamer turns it off.

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