I have 100k budget and i need to make the best mining set

i have 100k budget and i need to make the best mining set

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some prices might be off tho

Just a heads up, 100k is not gonna be enough to make the best set though I’m gonna mention the best possible set you can afford that will help you get enough profits to get the best set. To start off, you’ll need to heavily invest into pickaxes, I recommend getting the “heavy pickaxe” which goes for 42k in pwe, then you will need some gears, preferably the ones that increase the chance of getting more gemstones, Get “excavator gloves” which goes for 9k in pwe, then get “excavator moustache” which goes for 29k in pwe. Now you’ll need something that will allow you to see in the mines, for this get “pendant of the moment” which goes for 16k in pwe. After purchasing all of these, you will be left with 4k byte coins which you should spend on getting any kind of armor you can afford as in “hat, chest, leggings and shoe” pieces. Now you’re all set to go mining, I recommend with this set, going into lv1 then digging down until you exit, no need to search for nuggets as you’ll get +20 on exitting, when you get 100 of them, convert to bronze key and go fully complete level 2 mines, then rinse and repeat till you get 100 silver nuggets, Use it to fully complete a lv3 mine and whenever you get 100 gold nuggets, convert to golden key and sell it, You’ll have tons of gems so sell them aswell in a world since they cannot fit into trading.

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