I have 70k gems, and dont know what to do

ok so, i wanted to know those “Klatoser” hacks are legit or its a keylogger, it is a keylogger.

when i came back to the account, account were banned (obviously), account had 70k gems, 25 lvl (account were 18 lvl). and i wanted to take advantage of it.

i did some calculation and i think buying card packs were the best option since i would sell each 3k and get 42k bc. what’s yall opinion?

and no, i didnt used any of hacks, also i used it on a virtual machine since im not dumb

Card packs can be a little hard to sell now because everybody understood that they’re not worth the trouble. I’d suggest you buy a lot of recall magnets and then sell them.

If what you’re doing is legal. (idk)

On that Why does anybody buy magnets with BC seems so dumb to me … anyway

Tellcode is right though …

You could also look at PWE machines if you have VIP.

Also cauldrons leading up to potion events , anything prior and at start of it’s event use ! Recycle machines is another

Orbs can be very profitable especially if you buy the limited availability ones and are prepared to sit for a few weeks on them

Good luck

Recall magnets are 1k gems and go for like 800 bc. With people wanting to renovate their worlds and also want their PWE Terminals and other stations to be intact and not punched hard so people buy magnets.

Well I recently posted about two different gem prices

Tradeable and non tradeable

My point was i just will not buy magnets with BC. It’s dumb

If you need one you can get 1000 gems for free by watching ads and in effect get a magnet for nothing

Granted i could sell it but I am trading too many other things , i get magnets when i need them (i keep a small stash)

noob tip : Magnets are great way to check what an item is, you don’t have to take the item to do that

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