I just don't know anymore

All my posts are apparently garbage. Trashy, bad, crappy garbage.

I’ve tried to tone down Wii posts, but sometimes they’re unavoidable.

If you tell me HONEST and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism about my posts here, and don’t start another flame war, I might actually listen to them.

Honorable shoutouts to:

  • @Orangehairguy - for spamming the same exact image on each and every of my posts.
  • @Haypro - for making sure that I get insulted, and for UNconstructive criticism to my posts.



Posting about same topic constantly is considered as spam.

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I found this thingy Wii Forum - Nintendo Life

How exactly is making Wii posts unavoidable lol
Just dont do it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I feel like he’s going to use it to post about pw.


Some your posts are interesting and not “trash”!! And i havent seen wii mii etc. Posts from you and its good thing? Idk. Even they were about mii wii etc. They still were interesting! Ignore them who just say bad about you (:

Over on the mii forums:

Redhairguy: ugh ondrashek your so addicted to pixel worlds and bans.

Malbert: aka(miisoldier) ondrashek how is posting about pw unavoidable.

Wiisti: comes up with another funny meme about ondrashek and his addictions.


It’s not your posts anymore. It’s you.
I haven’t seen one bit of constructive criticism from you, yet, you tell others to use it.

‘Do as I say, not as I do.’


Huge shoutout to you for completely posting the same topic over and over again which where people have had enough of you.

Like others have said already, all you do is post about bans, moderating, mii/wii stuff and ridiculous paranoid conspiracy theories.

I know the ban and moderating stuff is an important topic to talk about but when all you do is post about them it starts getting abit annoying

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lol do more and listen to yourself mentally



Are you referring to me or @Ondrashek06, Mr.Useful

You you.

Yes, I can see you are very useful so no need to remind me Madame.

I am the one and only, Eren Yeager and I will keep moving forward until all my enemies are destroyed.

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All your enemies* Please try to focus on your English grammar and vocabulary, my dear Madame.