I just want to be a mod

Hi thanks for clicking and pls help me how to become a mod ty


I was about to send this one


Just wanted to ask sorry😔

Don’t bother. This game is a lost cause. Aim for moderator in popular games.


Exactly. The game is on life support and will soon become a ghost town.


No you can’t


Mod application: https://forms.gle/79mVYbvrA1qFqKfZ9, good luck!

I don’t really know if that’s supposed to make sense, this is like people who doesn’t ask someone to have a relationship directly.

Firstly everyone thinks the games dying when in fact it isn’t.

Old players stop playing but new ones join every 5 minutes.

Pixel worlds is a very addictive game I’m close to 3000 days on pw I took a year break but still I’ve been playing more and more recently.

Secondly to become a mod takes a lot. popularity helps for sure but you have to be a part of the community help out alot and lots more. If you are serious then they will take a look at your request and see what background you have etc it all adds up :slight_smile: best of luck tho!!!

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I would have to agree as old players quit there is always a steady flow of new players to be helped and shown how to play the game. I don’t think the game is dying but they do seriously need more help.

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There are statistics that show a dropping amount of players, income and updates. The majority of people say the game is dying because the game is actually reaching a decline. Their first mistake was prioritizing the new players, and not the veterans, even going to the lengths of making advertisements for the game

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I can’t tell if the original post is satire or not :face_with_spiral_eyes: