I like jelly beans

I like jelly beans.
do you like jelly beans?

I love jelly bean

I hate jelly beans.


what are jelly beans?



Do you realize they doxxed her?

Her face, adress, other stuff.

All cuz they consider her “cringy”.

I have been seeing videos about jellybean getting roasted in tiktok videos and its very sad. (I dont have tiktok but my brother has)
I dont understand why people kept doing it and its really f##### up, cant they just leave the guy alone?


Yeah me too, but if its the dog poop and bad flavore then yeah very very bad >:(

i don’t like jellybean

I hate PNGtuber

Yes, yes I do. Who doesn’t? Licorice jelly beans are one of my favorite flavors…

If you’re talking about the YouTuber, I personally don’t hate her (or whatever her pronouns are). I’m not her target audience, and I don’t watch her. Sure, she’s cringy and screams into her mic, and yeah it’s OK to make memes and stuff about her cringy youtube shorts, but when you go lengths to harass and/or dox a * MINOR * because she made cringy content, please touch grass

I was literally talking about the food. i actually dont care about the PNG youtubers

Never had a jellybean or two, what do they taste like?

i like belly jeans

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Tbh I I think it was awful she was doxxed and had her info leaked, but if that was her target demographic, I think on some hand you have to blame her for feeding that garbage into 6 year olds.