I lost around 45k gems now

whats happened, I lost around 45k gems now.
Some bug or ? :frowning:

just changed to #site-feedback:bug-reports
and now how you get 45k gems?

Give more info, like device, date this happened, what world where you in, and what where you doing. Also contact Support@kukouri.com

…typical works :slight_smile:
I have three accounts with 100k and 60k …its standard for me :slight_smile:

This happened in my own locked world, yesterday.
I took care of my animals, then I take pop up with events (30 sec). After that I see only 680 of gemes :-/ that all
I use android emulator for my PC

I’ve got no idea what you’re trying to get help with, but out of interest, why do you use an Android emulator on your PC to play Pixel Worlds instead of downloading it from Steam, or the Microsoft Store?

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I thought it was somehow a error (lost 45k gems), if it repeats I will contact with the developers.
Post rather is closed, I like this game and making up for losses is not a problem:-).

When it comes to the way I use PW; The PW from MS Store is only for W10 - it’s not for me, Steam isn’t for me yet - I’m old and I have my habits. I use w8.1 and I have control over it:-), the emulators I use to test my apps and android plays.