I lost most of my favourite worlds

This happened when mining update came out, after a day or two I checked my favourite world list and found out that only 10 worlds were on the list instead of 50. The only explanation for this could be when I did mining and I favourited the mining world to see if it works. But I have no idea. On the favourite world list there were many important worlds… What can I do?

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Ah, this was a bug that happened to a lot of people. Their favourite worlds were automatically removed, but they had to be re-favourited by the player. If the world was locked, you can find it on a world hologram. If not, you really should just write down or remember what your favourite world’s name is.

I favourited worlds that I small locked (3 letters) and worlds that I was waiting to become inactive. Did I seriously just lose all of that? Most of the favourited worlds that were left I already knew or were world locked. Are there really no solutions?

You could probably email support@kukouri.com regarding the problem, but not sure if they’ll help since it was a while back.

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I am pretty sure they have the data of worlds that you have a lock in.