I lost my items on my Mannequin


Hi, I’m Kizy from the Philippines, my items or rather my Set on the mannequin just disappeared like a bubble.

Here’s what happened

  • I’m in my world named Harverd with my friend CupSG, we were chatting about EPWR, those big robot suits. Then suddenly while I was typing, the game just maintenance with No Announcement.

After the maintenance, i went to my world because i’m gonna chat again with CupSG, then notice something is not right with my first mannequin, look at that same outfit on the very first mannequin, I don’t know how it became the same as mine.

The Black Visor with Set was there then it disappeared after very short maintenance, the maintenance is like 2 Minutes.

That Black Visor cost me 8 PL (800 World Locks), I work hard to get that item and it took me 5 Days to find it.

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This also happened to one of my friends. I’d suggest sending a PM to @Dev along with any relevant information and he can resolve it. Just leave the affected mannequin alone.

I’m sorry to hear about that.
What I would recommend you is either contact @Dev via private messages or send an e-mail to the support (support@kukouri.com), explaining detailed what happened, when it ocurr (if you can provide the hour and timezone would be great), how did it happen, and extra information about it, if possible.

Solved by support, closing the thread.