I love this new add <3

Its so good on finnish :smiley: i get it on every add

Welp…now i know every add is not virus :slight_smile:

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mostly ad’s that tell you to download something from google play, app gallery, etc.
are not viruses.

i actually didn’t know that they have commercials…

Well…its finnish add so i dont know do anyone else have it xd

I am pretty sure I am able to see these commercials in Estonia, as far as I know in past there was Pixelworlds ads in Estonia.

I don’t know about other countries though…

No. Every single f###### ad I get is:

  • Fake gameplay
  • “Earn $2 million a week by playing this!”
  • A straight up scam
  • A boring game that I’ve already tried and didn’t like
  • A copy of another game (most of the time, they just copy clash royale or CoC)
  • A service that I’ve never wanted and will never want
  • NSFW

Actually good ads are non-existant in former second-world communist countries that to this day only have 10 million citizens.

If I get an ad that is NOT one of the above categories, it would be considered a miracle.


The ads are always made for people who already play the game lol

I wish to see this ad personally

bro doing that aint funny. Just don’t put them in

And? I need to express that I’m angry.

Only 1% can solve this! Can your girlfriend do better than this? This took me 53 times to reach level 2…This game is hard! level 1 crook to level 68 Boss, FAIL!


I can try to rec it :slight_smile:

I made 2,384,456 dollars and 76 cents in 4 minutes that number is so specific it must be true you need 0 training anyone can do it.

Let’s not do that :slight_smile:

Yes plz me need to see it

I just want to see it tho :hugs:

Wait do you mean ad? Not tryna be rude, am kinda confused.

Wow that rhymes (the last part) :sunglasses:

Please do, I want to watch it.

But if it’s in Finnish, I sadly won’t understand at all.

I keep getting these ads

The ads I get on youtube are mostly for the government’s train transport service.

You don’t have to ADVERTISE because you own almost the entire rail network here.