I’m Back

I am back after getting silenced for sharing and criticising the poor moderation that people sweep under the rug. Same as Neo, it’s hard to have an opinion on a forum that will punish you for providing criticism that is crucial to maintaining a coherent moderator body and forefront.

I think some moderators definitely need to get checked out. It’s unfair that they see it fit to silence someone for 3 weeks under “drama” for just giving criticism. I am uncertain which moderator did this so I’m not going to point fingers but there are moderators that are on my radar.


Welcome back Virtuous! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back Virtuos/Ry!

I don’t know you were silenced, but I am glad you are back.

I have no clue who u are but welcome back my g

that’s because you are a new.

Welcome back, fisher boy

i am a teeny bit confused about this reply lol

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Same lol

Welcome back Ry the Nub

Well, you used to fish alot back then with the Seadog set. :rofl:

what??? i’m still confused lol

At this point, the forums is slowly becoming like Twitter. They share a common enemy: Opinions