I made a Gem Calculator website from scratch! With sharable links too

Hey! so for the last three days I learnt a whole bunch of html/css/js and was able to create this pretty looking website. Its a fishgem calculator, and yes I know there is one that already exists :sweat_smile: but this one has a pretty cool additional feature.

On top of (in my opinion) looking more prettier, I made it so that you are able to share links that have amounts of fish in them.

Right now i am just hosting it as a test site, since i didn’t finish it and i haven’t got a domain yet.
so the base url is just pwtest.tiiny.site

However on the site, you can fill out some fishes and gemstones and then you can share a link!
for example, here is a link i copied which will automatically fill out 34 medium herrings and 234 huge tunas! https://pwtest.tiiny.site/#herm=34&tunh=234&

Here are some screenshots if you want to see them:

You can use the slider to choose your clan level, which then applys the fishmonger gem multiplier to all your fish. You can also use the Rate slider to see how many world locks the gems are worth at different rates.

When your gems are worth more than 1000 world locks then it changes it to PLs

Thats about all the features I made so far, it took me like 3 days and it was alot of fun to work on and learn.

You can visit the site too and test it out and tell me what you think about it :smiley:


Nice dude! i’ll def give it a try!\

Also aren’t you a moderator in-game?

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I like the simple design of it.

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He’s not lol. You’re probably talking about shane who is an in-game mod.

No I’m not a mod or staff, I think you got me confused with xShanex who is a senior moderator :smiley:

And thank you for trying out my site!

Very nice design, easy to navigate. I like how you added mining as well, some I’ve seen are just fishing gem calculators. Nice to see someone who makes websites on here. Keep it up man.

PS: I also like the fish moving across at the bottom.

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Bump? Does bumping work on this forums?

This looks so cool, great design! Finally a site where I can calculate my mining gems!
I’m going to try this right away (:

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Bumping works only after 7 days I believe. After 7 days it actually has a thing saying 7 days later, which is the common definition for bumping on Discourse forums.

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