I made a random... image?

Who knows what actually is running in the background of a stream…

Maybe he has this program open? Nobody knows. I’ll explain what the stuff means if asked.

What it should do is to keep a database of all accounts that are chatting on stream and their linked PW Accounts.

I’lll just mute that one too.

NO NEED TO BE that aggressive to me. Just do it and stop letting me know about it. Not every single one of my threads has to turn into a flame war.

dude try making a normal post.
As you know everyone is annoyed.
Could be that you can do non annoying posts, but you dont do it.
Try making one atleast, idk make a game suggestion or anything else.


Firstly, i wasn’t aggressive when i said that:

Secondly my goal is not to turn your thread about the same subjects into a war.


I turned an image that I have had in my mind for about 2 weeks already into a computer image, I did some effort to create it, can this thread just not end up like the other ones?

It can but everyone is annoyed, so dont waste your time one any images no one is interested in.

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Ok, and? This is your personal, subjective opinion.

no it isn’t it is the forum’s opinion.

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Well, if this forum wasn’t configured to lock the delete thread button after someone comments, I’d gladly delete it.

You can perhaps ask a moderator to archive it or close it.

Did you see the moderation on this forum though? It sometimes takes a week for Freak to notice my flag and lock a thread, that is if he doesn’t deny it.

I’m not saying to delete anything, that wont change anything, u’ll just continue doing those posts and wasting your time with no results. Try making posts like all others idk.

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Just ask him politely to close it or archive it, he will end do actions once he will see it anyways.

I did make a normal post about the game, completely avoiding all the annoying topics and asking for what’s the gear for mining, apparently it wasn’t a huge success, it got like 2 comments.

@Freak Please lock this, it is going nowhere again.

Should i talk about my thread in the lore section that litterally got no replies and like almost 50 views ?

You’re the only one turning it into a flame war. Retnos made a statement and you had a tantrum when they didn’t coincide with your obsessive ideals.

Jesus Christ, I remember the simpler times when you weren’t literally a nuisance to the entirety of the forums.