I made a replica of growtopia's carnival world

I took the carnival world from the game growtopia and tried making it in pixel worlds

Carnival world in growtopia

Carnival world in pixel worlds

This was originally meant to be a secret, but my plans failed so there is no reason to keep this a secret anymore.


pw version looks much more organized imo

What is the world name? I would like to visit here

It’s made with pixel tools, it’s not a world


Correction: Its made with world editor, where you can design a world that makes it possible to make the world the way you want it to. So in a way, it is a world.

It’s like saying that an architectural plan of a building is a building.

It’s kind of is, it’s just the view of a building that isn’t built yet. So, it is a building but it’s not.

Simply the fact that it’s not in pw makes it not a pw world.

Actually you may be somewhat right, you know how when there’s a painting of something, you can say it IS a something.

Like when you look at a painting of a car, you can say “it’s a car”.

But you can’t mean that it’s an actual car, by saying it’s a car you still mean that it’s a painting.

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You see, when a building isn’t built yet, there’s blueprints of a building. Now those blueprints are used for the building that you are creating. Now that means it exists, not in the physical world, but it exists. So you basically imagine it being there. SO yes and no