I managed to face LOWFPS

Now my phone is officially a beefy phone
3-10 fps lol.


When i tried this world with my laptop i didnt have any problems. i7 8th gen, 1050 ti and 16x2gb ram. Maybe it’s about ram? Cause my laptop is not a very good pc. Just has 32 gb ram for no reason lol

huh…even my MacBook didn’t shed a single sweat trying to render LOWFPS. What if I try it on my much less powerful android tablet? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Not even my no life brother laptop ram is close to you
My no life gamer bro specs:
I7 10th gen
1080ti (laptop)
12gb ram

How do you have 12gb ram? That’s not possible.

Mismatch memory sticks. 8 and 4 GB sticks

Idk men its my bro idk if im mistaken 12gb or 16gb…

I have 12 gb as well

Bruh i only have 4go

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I thought 8+4 is not possible… Or is it 4x3? First time seeing 12Gb ram.

It’s 8gb and 4gb, no issues just looks weird I guess