I need friends!

Hi guys! I don’t have any friends so I’d like to add some of you if I can! I will do this tomorrow since it is 11 pm for me writing this. I’d really like some of you to be on my friends list! After all, you guys are nice! Oh, and I will make a list of people who are willing to be my friend, so I know who to add.

Hi :smiley:

Add me, I’m usually @pwe and @i5u.

Next time, don’t search how to make friends on wikihow.

i can be your friend too but uh im not online that much if you wanna add me im at “imge” most of the time

Mate I am in need of friends too! Just tell me when you are on so we can meet :slight_smile:

Not searching how, just saying I need. Anyways, thanks!

Here’s a list so far:

  • PirahSet (pwe and i5u)
  • narple


  • TiberiousZgo

I don’t know about you, but I have not made a single friend on purpose. It’s always just something that happens without me trying lol