I need help with pack

I bought a VIP package, translated into Polish, you can understand that the set includes 730k diamonds. Is it possible to return the purchase somehow? The reason is the wrong description of the offer

Which VIP package did you bought?

If its 1 year , i mean you’ll get 730k gems eventually since you get 2k gems every day.

Yes, but in translation it sounds like you were getting 730k gems at once

Hmm weird. Can you show me the polish version like this?:

It is about this new offer, where it is half cheaper, it says that it includes 730k gems

But it isn’t said that you will get 2k every day

You could email support@kukouri.com and perhaps they could assist with a refund (although the ToS says that they cannot do refunds for in-app purchases), although unfortunately I’m not sure if they even can. You will end up with 730,000 gems after a year if you log in daily, though.

I think he missunderstood the case, he bought the VIP Pack offer thinking he would get 730.000 gems instantly, but what the pack description really meant is that you will earn 2.000 gems every day for a year.
In that case, you will have to log in every single day for that year to get the 730.000 gems, since:

  • 2.000 gems x 365 days = 730.000 gems a year.

The offer does not say that it is given 2k. He writes that he will The offer does not say that it is given 2k. He writes that it includes a 730 k gem, which is tantamount to how they would be allocated at one time.