I need help with wiring (closing breaking area)

So basically I need to build a breaking area that closes behind you when you enter. (With dissapearing blocks and proximity sensors)
Im bad at wiring so help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Here you go :grinning:! The wiring is very easy to replicate. this is for a smaller breaking room if you need a bigger one i can make a more complicated one for you.


Thanks so much man. Im aiming to build one with about 5-6 prox. sensors but i will try to figure it out on my own if its too much to ask for.

I can build, another one for you with 5 to 6 sensors if you want.

Actually that would be great, cuz im trying it rn and i can only make it with 4 sensors

here you go!

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Thank you man, you saved me a lot of time