I need someone to draw my character

Hello I was wondering if anyone could draw me as a wolf type character

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did you mean furry? I can sorta draw fuwwies

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golden art (20 characters :moyai: )

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You mean you want a fursona

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I do indeed good sir

Saved this to my phone good work

Took me 20 minutes


Oooooooo very very niceeeeeeeee

I would happily draw it but mine is handrawn plus black and white so it I see manga styled almost

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Nice :slight_smile: :pray:

Nice drawing guys! :+1:

Furry art go brr

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There is nothing wrong being furry or drawing furry :confused: in my opinion

yeah Imao, some people just hate on furries because they’re weird or something. What they don’t realize is that furries are still humans in costumes

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I didnt even say anything offensive…

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wolf is my friend…

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:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):slight_smile: Thx bud

Nothing wrong for sure. But it is weird as hell. My guess is that it is mostly due to sexual reasons.


Thats perfectly ok bud