I opened my eyes

Im not forcing you to quit just helping you to Open your eyes.

Soo Im thinking leaving this Community for few weeks since i realised game itself is pointless. I mean its fun to profit sometimes but how it ends up? U Even dont have fun, only thing u Are thinking is profit profit profit.
And once u Are rich, whats next? Was it fun? No it was just waste of time, u just spent alot time to pointless game, where world locks doesnt worth Anything. Also for now there is thousands players who Are disrespectful, rude, and scammers. We dont have that much scams, i can say only max 5% of this whole Community Are really respectful, doing their own thing that they love. And other 95% Are just inactive, rude scammers. Its just sad that how this game has Lost its magic for me. I know its really fun to make Friends here, but through this game… Idk. U can spend this time to ur hobbies, other stuff you love. And u realise soon that u wasted time and regret this. Once again
Im not forcing you to quit. I have Friend who quit pw and said he is Reading much more books now. If u think playng this game Is your hobbie, then u have to find New one, its pointless passion, u shouldnt take this game as a Job. Soo lets take an Easy example:
Terraia has point, its to defeat your enemies and fun through this, in pw making profit, Mining alone, breaking blocks alone, isnt fun. If u dont find hobbie get atleast video game that has a point in it. Im sorry If seems like Im spreading out toxicness everywhere.
And Even If u leave ,like no one care’s and u wont meet them Ever again. Soo its actually my opinion u dont have to take it seriously.I Will play this game still but not that often anymore.


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I get it, I love the game, but studies is my top priority, making me only play every weekends. I don’t want to end up wearing eyeglasses.

Recently, my pw friends seems to be quitting somehow…

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Well not that i’m actually still that active in the game but, it’s people’s choice to keep focusing on profiting though, you haven’t included all the other features or other things you can do here, you can make mini games, host games, parkour, wire etc.
And they are technically only pointless if you don’t enjoy your time in the game.

Why should we quit playing the game if PW’s our hobby? Strictly speaking, most recreational activity is pointless. But of course… it isn’t. It keeps us sane and balanced. People love to play the game, why bother? Sure it’s just some type of video game but it isn’t really pointless if people have fun with playing it.

I personally think that Pixel Worlds isn’t just one of those pointless games that you play to keep yourself entertained when you’re bored, it helps us learn how to profit as well as trading, learning how to socialize and can also teach us a lot of different skills and give our brains a much-needed workout. What’s great is I heard most of the people that played Pixel Worlds learned english just by playing it so it’s not “a complete waste of time”.

There are a few things that I would like to disagree with regarding the reasons of you quitting/leaving, but saying it would be pointless. Goodbye to you.



@Fazeus please make up your mind.

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And @Fazeus, if you’re still gonna play (regardless how often) the game then that’s not quitting/leaving.

Well one thing is I profit so I can have fun and a lot of the time playing pw I might be bored

If your saying pw isn’t worth it terraria isn’t either
What I like about pw is

Beating that parkour you have tried so hard to beat

Simply talking with my friends

Making a fabulous world that you will play countless times

That excitement for a new update to come out

And yeah I already know it’s kinda wasting my time but I’m 13 I don’t really care that much I’ll probably be like you fazeus when studies take over I’ll probably play less.

@Orangehairguy @Jay @MarkAngelo I mean “pointless” there is nothing good in the end, u have bit fun, but i still mean its not very fun for me anymore tho. We have just different opinions.

there is nothing good in the end its not about the end for me its about during the game i dont care about the end i do it for fun

fazeus realizing that he has wasted a lot of hours on a game he hasn’t even liked that much


@Orangehairguy I actually do realised that i spent almost year to it, in start when my Friend explained Same to me that Im telling you, i had Same thoughts at first but after thinking of it… I realised that game doesnt have back story or end. Its endless thing that just see Even more boring stuff instead of making perfect end to this game, but they Are just adding New, at start “overhyped” stuff. It doesnt change Anything,its always Same. Once again i want say we have different opinions.

Have a great day!

@Jay when u Asked am i going to leave, i said i Will. But first just take long break of this game.

Have a great day too

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“Open your eyes.”

I never tried to do some topic like this one , and I won’t even care what people would say about it.
But for now , I will just say that,

the mods are corrupted.

I agree that playing this game is pointless at the moment. I came to a realization that all we are grinding is for cosmetics, but nonetheless I hope one day there will be that one ultimate goal everyone will want to achieve. Currently working on some suggestions to make the game more interesting and fun based on my experience in the game. I hope developers will inspire from that and this game will become much more fun to play.


idk if i’d call them corrupt but they’re definitely not good. words i may use to describe them are inactive, lazy and biased.

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Wow a dead forum user aka me responding to this thread.

Simply to say everyone has a choice, do what suits you and benefits you the most.

Right now is a great time to take a break as the game does not have much to offer right now.

corrupted is the best word.

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You have to find a point to play this game for yourself. We are not in some sort of established social construct where everyone should have an ultimate goal as that is not why the games are played. It is to have fun and be entertained by what it has to offer and if it no longer satisfies your needs, there are plenty of others that might do the trick.