I played Pixel Worlds on my channel

Yep I played Pixel Worlds on my channel. Holy crap, original idea alert. I also use voice. You can hear my gayness.
My channel is not dedicated to PW content, I just decided to play it because I wanted to.
Tell me how B A D the video is

Episode 2
Episode 3


It’s not a B A D video, however I recommend next time cutting and only leaving the highligts/achievements/cool stuff as 19 minutes of regular PW gameplay is kinda boring imo.

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That is a good point. Normally for games, I keep cutting somewhat minimal so that it’ll be more of a “full playthrough” than a “funny times haha”
But PW isn’t really the best game to watch IMO, I mean I don’t watch PW youtube unless it’s on the official channel, cause Jake makes it way more fun.

You won’t see these suggestions in the next few videos though since I already recorded and edited them, I’m just scheduling their uploads, but I’ll remember this for future reference for PW.

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Second episode dropped boys
It still doesn’t follow Bulina’s advice since I already edited the first 3 episodes before ever even posting the first one.

funny alert: I made a third one
This’ll be my last PW video for a short while as I play other games.