I predict future ๐Ÿ˜Ž


I sometimes do that when a noob approaches me and starts typing


Man his set is literally around 40 wls and yet he wants a donation

I always check a players xp.

Those who do this with 60-80-100+ xp are close to scammers in the hierarchy of life.

Total losersโ€ฆ

What I find sad is how many donโ€™t say thks when you do help them

Please do not bump very old threads.

please stop telling this as it somewhat just makes only negative impact-
the forums are not even this active currently so bumping old threads is not always that bad
i remember that other guy that his only response to my message (while saying โ€œsorry for bumping an old threadโ€) was โ€œdo not bump old threadsโ€ it somewhat troubled me since instead of just joining the topic and let some (new) questions be answered you just lecture someone in a way that is the least helpful possible ;-;

Thinking about it, whats the harm in bumping an old thread ?

So what?

Itโ€™s because someone new is interested in it

Wellโ€ฆ those threads are old and dosenโ€™t need a recent activity.
Sometimes, users bump threads with irrevelant replies, but anyways the discussion is over in most of them so no need to bump.

that sounds like racism