I Randomly got banned because of a glitch (i asuume)

Hello, it’s me Pancakess.

Today while doing secret base i was banned from the game for 30 days for “Hacking suspicion”

The reason (i assume) is because while fighting with the boss, my punches did so little damage and few particles didn’t do damage while when they touched me, got disconnected and banned for 30 days.

I know the game’s moderators are busy but i also know they can resolve this. Thank you and have a nice day/night.

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Yea the boss fight isn’t entirely bug free and i’m sorry for you this happened

Yeah i really hope these problems could be fixes.

It also might have something to do with your involvement with ekipali, just a hunch.


Did you forget to turn off anti-bounce/god-mode, :thinking: …?

Anyways, I’m sorry that the forums isn’t a place to appeal your ban. As many others previously mentioned, please contact support@kukouri.com and have patience as moderators do not have the power to unban you!

From what I have witnessed before regarding your actions, objectively, I think you deserve this ban but I wish you the very best of luck! Also, it would be very unfair to others if the moderators just focus on your case while completely disregarding the majority of the players who have indeed, gotten banned unfairly.

What do you mean previous actions? Me being EkipAli’s friend DOES NOT mean that i have done illegal trading, and also me being EkipAli’s friend DOES NOT mean i hack. I have mailed the support.

Please refrain from saying stuff without having anything to proove.

Right, there have been many instances where players have been punished for hanging around with rule-breakers.

That’s nice!

I do not wish to prove anything, and if I was you, please refrain from having ‘friendships’ with certain people. But who am I to force ya?

Everybody get banned these day, wonder what is going on behind the scene.

The world runninng? Like normal?

you don’t know me. Ekip is my real life friend since we were kids. He does illegal and i don’t and i was not banned for being friends with him.


What is wrong with you?

I love how randoms come here and do this now :wink:

The moderation sometimes been completely unreasonable on PW recently, got the same ban (for a familiar’s name though) myself. And it had nothing to do with hacking.

Don’t even try to make excuses, your ban is reasonable for the stuff you did. It’s honestly a little pw’s W , if the moderators and devs keep doing that, they might save the game so shoutout to whoever ban that illegal trader🫶



Yes, my point exactly. Being friends with an illegal trader who used hacks should justify his ban.

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Yes! W comment.
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