I return to the forums, and

You really went out of your way to make a thread dedicated to some goofy little comments on your thread that you easily could’ve avoided/reported.

thats because your infamous for useless posts, always complaining, not necessarily miiverse, maybe not complain about it in this thread and people wont care

Well, I’ve tried to start “fresh” by making a thread that avoided every single sensitive topic.

You’re slowly turning into a villain over some silly goofs. just ignore it and wait for someone who cares. (I’m not saying nobody cares, I mean this in a literal sense.)

Well your last thread about Kukouri Network IDs where you can log in every kukouri services with an ID wasn’t that bad i’ll be honest.

But the fact that there is some off-topic responses or just spam one (ahem ahem xeo…) was a bad thing.

Of course like lukepopp mentioned, you sometimes do posts that don’t need to be done and yea… you often complain about stuff… (a good example will be about the wl that are now un-tradable…)

Also the fact that you guys do post like that (i’m talking about others not you ondra.) when he want to start a new fresh start (like he said) isn’t cool.

Can’t we support Ondrashek once and encourage him to change ?

You’re even dumber than me. Can you imagine?
Anybody that knows me understands the significance of that insult.

So, you’ve went from a good community member, to slightly toxic, to passive aggressive, and now you went to straight up insulting people?

It seems that the ban they gave you didn’t revert you back to your non-toxic state.

Please @Ondrashek06 don’t play that game… that’s kinda what i said here

Just ignore him.

Develop your cognitive abilities. Clearly lacking to a certain extent.

I know he posts dumb stuff sometimes, but that isn’t a nice thing to say, considering his behavior is not under his control.

He also tells us to just mute him if we don’t like his posts but I see many people not do that and rather rant about him

Welcome back Ondra, I’m sure everyone here wants you to have a nice fresh new start, but in order to do that you have to also change your behavior
I’m not saying it’s particularly bad as of yet but the constant unnecessary complainings gotta go