I think the card game should've been like BANG instead

Of course, PW style. So for example, instead of a “Prison” card, you would have a “Ban” card, instead of “Barrel”, you would have “Shield”, etc.
And then the roles would be for example “Admin, Moderator, Player, Noob” instead of “Sherrif, Co-Sherrif, Bandit, Outlier”.

BANG is a huge hit here, not sure if it is elsewhere, but when we were on a school trip with my school, everybody knew about BANG and I brought a BANG deck, and we kinda modified the rules to a state where we could for example be in “triple prison” or you could “borrow cards”, etc.

And then there were events where you could play BANG with randoms if you didn’t have any friends to play that with.

There is a crapton of expansion packs, such as currency, energy, etc., so maybe the “random card drops” element could be cards from expansion packs?

I’m not trying to sound like “bang is the best card game ever” or something like this, but I didn’t play BANG for quite a bit.

And I am honestly not that much excited for the card game update because the rules are kinda generic, it’s all just built on “the biggest number wins”. And I also have a deck of Angry Birds cards that kinda sound like the upcoming card update, where you had a stack of cards with birds, each bird had “Speed, energy, aim, eggs, slingshot” stats and you put your card on the top of your stack and say a stat, if your number is bigger you get the loser’s card, and that just goes on and on until someone gets the whole deck. There is also a minigame in the rules where you build some sort of construction with the backs of the cards, and then use the “slingshot stat” to take a lot of cards, but I don’t exactly remember.

BANG! is definitely a top 10 for me. A friend of mine brought it to a party one time and ever since then we have played it. Good idea man.