I think the pet system needs some big changes

Does anyone take care of their in-game pets? I haven’t fed my pet for months. That’s because it is meaningless. It’s just not worth the time and effort. I have few suggestions what could make the pet system better.

  1. Adding limited time legendary items that are somehow unlocable with pets.
  2. Adding a feature that allow you to take your pet on a walk (aka making it a familiar so it follows you around in worlds)
  3. Making pets much easier to take care of. Right now it’s actually super hard to keep your pet healthy and happy.
  4. Adding a feature that allows your pet to wear clothes (this is just a random idea I had)

I think that the pet system is one of the least used features right now, and it needs to see some changes if the devs want to make it a popular feature.


They also need to change up jetraces as almost nobody uses them, but they did not.

If this was ever added, they could make it so when you’re “walking” your pet around different worlds they could randomly find stuff for you (for example gem pouches, tokens, baits, chests and keys.), only if the pet is healthy though.