I want to know

My brother got warning like year ago, idk. He played with my phone…i mean with my phon ebut with his account. Today i was thinking, if my bro got warning on my phone, does that mean i habe warning too!? I want there is way to see do you have warnings and bans and how long those bans was! I hope that is coming! Cya and happy new year :smiley:

No, if you use different account

But if he get (i think he doesn’t) do i get banned too bc we created that account on my phone!?

Nope. But if you helped him break the rules yes You both will get banned

Yeah i know…but thanks :smiley:

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you and ur bro has diff acc meaning you wont get the warning.
why would u get the warning if ur innocent?

Makingsurehismaindoesn’tgetpunishedsohecandothingsonhisalt- I MEAN I dunno, I guess that’s a valid question.

What is warned is that the account is your brother, not you, so it is impossible for you to be guilty of being punished for playing the same device and on a different account

This is not exactly the case. Nearly a year ago I got banned for non game trading because I shared accounts with a close friend. He ended up doing the dirty and got my friend, his, and my accounts banned for a year even though 2 of the three of us were innocent. So watch out if you have logged into a different account and done something wrong, your main and other account will be banned and support won’t do anything about it even if your innocent.

moral: don’t share accounts.

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started mid-december 2020, im still that less-experienced. just trying to help.

about the support thing, did you tell what exactly happened, truthfully?
support wont unban your account if they see something suspecious.
and they might have thinked its because your ip and the device used is the same as the banned person does.

Quote of the DAY:

Warnings don’t work like that. The warning is attached to the in-game’s name.

Warnings and bans are tied to the account, not the device. However if he gets permanently banned, the device he’s signed into will not log him out and (I’m pretty sure) the internet he was on will block others from signing in as to stop him from ban evading.

Oh no I told them everything in nearly a page but it’s all in the past. I really don’t care at this point since my ban is about to wear off.