I was blocked from the game due to a misunderstanding

I was wandering around the Turkish world and I accidentally copied and pasted the message I saved on my board and sent it to the chat in the game. They recorded it and reported it. There are things in the message that shouldn’t be written illegally, but I was reporting someone who did this, so the message remained recorded on my board and that’s why I was blocked from the game. It’s a game I have loved playing for a long time. Could you please do whatever is necessary to unblock me? I love you very much.
Pixel worlds nickname : ZeusUmut
The only thing I did was to accidentally share the text I copied as evidence in the game while complaining about someone. I have never been interested in anything illegal in the game, and I never am. Pixel Worlds is a game that I have been playing with pleasure for years, I want you to unblock my account. :heart:

There is a complete misunderstanding, I was blocked from the game, yes, because I accidentally shared the recorded message on my board in the game, but since I explained this to you before, my block was supposed to be opened within 1 month, but 1 day has passed and I have been blocked for 3600 days.

If the ban was first 30 days and the next day it became 3.650 days then an administrator changed it to a permanent ban. You should possibly let moderators do whatever you were trying to do and things arent looking as bright in your case…
Nevertheless, contact support@kukouri.com and see if anything happens, while doing that I suggest looking for a better game or taking a break from social media altogether, I wish you well

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as for as i know, you can start looking for other games already, based on the fact that no one ever get replied from support ever since those huge drama happen. Your chance for them to reply is like a jackpot rate. Good luck

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ever since the old team left they only cared enough to read the support mails when the mass duplication events happened and even then barely anyone got any help, pointless to even try asking for help

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and anyone who talks about terrible support or moderator experiences have their post “magically” deleted

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i have played pixel worlds mostly in my gaming life, and I hope that in this sad event that I have experienced in the game that I play fondly, authorized people will understand me and help me by understanding that I don’t want to do anything wrong and open my obstacle. and I wish success to everyone in the authority team and I think everyone can be good at their job and make the right decision.

there was no response from anyone to the email I sent, I really didn’t know that you would be treated so irresponsibly, all my efforts were wasted

yup, thats the reason why we tell you to find other game since they respond is like a jackpot rate.

I think pixel worlds is slowly falling apart…piece by piece

no offense to any mods it’s just my opinion

Staff should do something bout it

Look I suggest you contact a mod or admin bro it’s ur only hope…