I was mistakenly banned for trading non-game items =)=

wrote to support but no one answered me except the bot )))
Оk, the bot answered, I thought, so not everything is lost, but the bot wrote me complete nonsense, which is not even able to help me with something (
I described the whole situation in support again by mail, as a result, now I’m just sitting praying to all the gods that they would remove this ban from me, although there are no hopes for this anymore because kukouri))

.guys I’m waiting for your help and support, maybe one of you can still help me.

it’s just a shame to play for 5 years, and then get banned by mistake and for nothing at all…

the last time I played in 2021, after a break of 2 years, I went into it and saw that my account was banned
name account: o_s_a

Hello o_s_a2, keep trying to contact support support@kukouri.com till somebody eventually helps you out. Or try to get in contact with the Admins of Pixel Worlds.