I will be the 500th person to say this, but

The PW support is absolutely abysmal.

If your account gets banned for “Moderator”, good luck figuring what was the ACTUAL ban reason, because support insists to not give you a reply.

Let’s see some other games:
Rec Room, where the banning moderator almost always inputs extra details on your ban:

Bloxburg, where you see it clearly that they denied your appeal:

Sudomemo, where they give you a detailed explanation of your ban:

And what does PW do to help you regarding bans? Nothing. ABSOLUTELY nothing. The only thing you end up with is “Your ban reason is “Moderator” and the ban expires in X days”. “What is “Moderator”? And did they deny my appeal or just not read it?” - questions that won’t get answered.

Thankfully, my PW account still is not banned, but what if it will get the hammer?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen someone banned with the reason “Moderator” man, like where have you seen that?

It’s just my way of referring to the “wildcard” ban reasons on PW.

Btw, I got it from this:

How the hell did you get banned ona Rec Room and Bloxburg!!!

None of these are my bans. I googled them.

why is this on general but not in pixel pub


Because it is related to PW.

Not everything, you also talk about other games

Didn’t you make essentially the same thread last month complaining about this?