Ideas for updating

Could use some new event


Devs after this thread : :construction_worker_man: :factory_worker: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :gear:

(Although yeah the game hasn’t had any refreshing updates for a while, totally agree)

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breaking news
this just in, updates are arriving to pixel worlds at an alarming rate after maly_misiek suggested that we could “use some new event”. experts suspect that these arrivals have only benefits and thanks to the updates, we might actually stand a chance.


i have 1 idea. there will be an event where monsters in the worlds will spawn from time to time and items will fall out when defeated

in the ADE world, the portal should open faster or the door lvl lower

ADE even exists?!?!
Sauce-lum [I don’t know what it is called, please no bully] is better.

I came up with an addition to the Easter event. there will be a rabbit given different types of Easter eggs and there will be a limited item at the end of the challenge

if it’s deep nenther, maybe it’s going to be a deep secret base

you need milk to enter the saeculum. if you click on the milk and go to bed, it will take you to this world after some time. it’s saeculum, I think it’s a dream

Like this

You could have different levels of monster some maybe need a team to defeat …

Or just harder …

After a set time they could dissolve - maybe explode…

They also can’t damage stuff

Perhaps some could walk through walls others not ??

I know how to get in, I just can’t be bothered to remember the name.

does anyone have ideas for an update?