If I had to go to the military, wouldn't I lose all of my worlds due to them being decayed?

I wouldn’t care too much about pets but my worlds? It would be a complete disaster for me. Hopefully it’s not a stupid question.

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Yes you obviously would? Unless you expect the devs to keep a tab of every player in the military and log in for them once a month?


It depends on how much time you will spend there. In my country its 9 months, how about your? The world lock decays after 365 days while small to large in 90 days. (it could be found on here wiki )
While the pets do not lose their level. Have ‘fun’ in there.

I searched and it says 8-11 months, so my world locked world should be safe. But my small locked worlds would be gone. Right now I have approximately 2000 or more worlds locked with a small lock (and more to lock in the future) that would be a huge loss. Obviously I wouldn’t lose all of them but it would still be pretty sad.

Sorry if this is obvious but I think they should let you get some free time off, right? At least here they would let you home once every few weeks.
Also, you could search in forums and Reddit for people who already serve, that’s how I found most of the information about the military in my country when I was invited.

Oh, that’s great! I don’t know anything about the military, hopefully I can be sent home. Thank you for the advice!

I’m sure there will be some time off or something. you only need to log in (don’t even have to enter a world). :+1:

Try to ask the developers

The question is, why would you go to military if there will be no war?

Why would I go to the military? Because I have to?

is it forced or if you just want too? so your basically 18+?
good luck for that, also. a developer should definately make another world lock that wouldnt disintergrate for atlest 2-4years and give it to you. military takes time, you might not even go online for a year. still dont know if weekend breaks exists in some military but ok.

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To preserve peace is to prepare for war.

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Maybe you can give your credentials to someone so that they can login for you once in a month :sweat_smile:

In Finland, all adult men have to serve in the army for half a year to one year. Thanks to big neighbor Russia. Military does have weekend breaks.

I don’t know where he is from, but I assume that weekend vacation is a standard.

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In the military, you can surely find the time to open Pixel Worlds once. You will have more than enough time for that.

My brother is in the army and has a ton of free time. He also gets two-week vacations once in 5 weeks, due to corona. Normally, it would be the weekends if not for corona. He is a shooter of the Leopard tank.

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I consider that nice

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