If jets are getting reruns, wyverns should too

Hotrod is back. Imo that should mean wyverns should as well. (their price was too ridiculous anyway.)




I agree BUT everyone who has one (especially red one) would complain and it would gain a ton of negative feedback because, well, kinda sad if someone bought one for 300K bytes and now it turns out it’s not limited.

But would they not feel the same for the jets? Neither of them say they’re limited do they? if not then this thread was my mistake.

I already speculated that they would return months ago
It doesnt say anywhere they are limited

Not to be rude or anything…but, you should totally give me that pet :flushed:

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Well, yes –

that’s why i don’t like that they brought back hot rod, new jet would’ve been better.

And now it’s certain that wyverns are not limited too and will be back soon, sadly.

Theres a thing called PWE order section
I dont own it lol

I was in a vc with jake and yea they are

i think its twitch subscriber vc only

I agree with this. But given that YOU came up with this idea. I am assuming you don’t own any Wyverns XD

TBH I think PWE Armours should recycle back into the blueprint shop.

Whats that even supposed to mean?

if you mean PWR armors that’s a terrible idea. They’re limited.


I am banned, Ondrashek. :slightly_smiling_face:

You most likely wouldn’t want wyverns coming back if you owned any of them.

Why would you assume that? I would have no intent on selling it.

Most people do, which is why I said most likely.

Then Dkoi’s statement has nothing to do with yours looking at the tonation.

“Most people do” is a reason for assuming that you do, assumptions aren’t always correct or else they would be facts.

Once again, his original statement’s wording (below) has nothing to do with what you said.

Why do you love barging in on convos that have nothing to do with you?

How is it not related to what I said?

He’s saying he’s assuming you don’t have a wyvern.

You’re asking what that supposed to mean, and I’m explaining to you why he’s assuming that.

If noone would be joining conversations after two people have, there would only be you and lukepop talking here.

Besides, In this case I joined in to answer your question.