If not wealth then what?

I’ll be trying to satisfy everyone now, but whenever I try to create a content on youtube, some start hating me… I don’t want that to happen.

A lot of players were asking me to make video about how I was profiting, I made a video and some said I was flexing in these profit videos.

I made show battle video because I thought people like these kind of videos, and they were also getting a lot of views, people said you are flexing again…

I made podcast video to explain how the big item values dropped to half (that was the actual point of that video) I also mentioned how I lost bytecoins to have more people to see the video, people said I’m flexing again…

Everyone was asking me how I became wealthy in Pixel Worlds, I made video to explain it and people blamed me for flexing again…

So guys please tell me what kind of content I should go for?
What is wrong with using my in game wealth to create content?

Guess people are just jealous lol

I don’t want to think of that way :frowning: I really want to improve myself and there should be another reason behind them saying its not good to create content with using wealth

No? its just repetitive and not entertaining, dont know where you head is

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Maybe try gameplays, and maybe parkour, or building worlds, or speedrunning, wealth is kind of oversaturated, Ekip I dont think your a bad person your content is just very boring and could definitely be improved

I’ll try to make speedrun video, like soil to 25k bytecoins and you will see how people will say ‘‘you are flexing with how you are profiting’’

For instance?

I was thinking of making a pw clone for a video.

Showing off wealth is boring and you’re also doing it repetitevely.

@Luke was faster than me on that, but I can give it a try, thank you for your opinion

Make pvp speedruns, nether, mines, SB, building worlds speedruns

I know these kind of videos are underrated, I need content that people can satisfy and also make people watch my videos

Try speedrunning parkours, challenges, not wealth.

I can speedrun waiting for a bus, doesn’t mean people are gonna watch it.

Would you rather have good content, or oversaturated content that children like to watch

I would have quailty content, but it also needs to make people watch it, I think it is possible to make these 2 together

If you’re creating content and people watch it then you don’t have to change it just because some people don’t like it. When you’re getting many views, that obviously means people enjoy your content, there are many people out there who like your content about “flexing” and stuff.
So basically, don’t listen to the haters. I’m not calling anyone a hater here btw, it’s just a common saying.

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But they kinda are making me look like an evil guy who likes to flex, I just want to entertain people who watch my videos.

I’m kinda lost at this moment :sweat:

If you earned your wealth legitimately, then you have the every right to show it off, intentionally or not. (But that actually depends, if you go on discord to spam about how rich you are then nobody would like that) It’s not like you’re forcing it on anyone, so I don’t understand why people would get mad. But I guess if you want to get less hate, you could create other content, it’s just that who knows if your original subscribers will stick to your new content.


I’m looking forward to see it

Stop being so snotty, he asked for suggestions so we gave him suggestions, Noone is being a dictator, and stop self promoting

“Want to know why I make the big bucks, son?”


“I have no **king clue”


I reckon its more of HOW you use your wealth to create content.
For example, you could pull a pw Mrbeast and make “last to X wins 100000 bytecoins” and kinda just try entertain people.

For example

  • host Squid games in pw(before the trend dies)
  • last to stop clearing worlds wins
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