If the game dies, here is what I wanna see

As everyone on this forum knows, the game is dying quickly. The new devs are nowhere to be found, everyone’s quitting, and the Discord is a toxic cesspool (at least, that’s what my friends say). So if the game dies, here is what I wanna see, upon the game’s death:

  • Let the game be an offline, singleplayer, creative game like Boku Boku. That way even with the game’s servers being offline we can still make pixel arts, buildings and all that.
  • Maybe have a kind of server hosting service like Minecraft? This might be hard to implement given the tiny amount of devs still maintaining the game…
  • A way of sharing worlds via QR code (or custom codes). Martin Magni’s game “Mekorama” uses a QR code system to share games. Perhaps such a thing could be added to the game? After all worlds aren’t infinite…
  • Make the game open-source, perhaps? That way people can use the game’s code to make their own kind of Pixel Worlds, or even reimagine the game entirely? After all, mods are what made games like Friday Night Funkin’ (and to an extent, Minecraft) popular. This might not be good though as there may be confidential code in the codebase…

These are just my thoughts and suggestions on what the game should be like when it inevitably shuts down. If you have any criticism or anything to add, let me know. Thanks!


A ton of games on the 3DS shared content via QR codes.
Mii Maker and Tomodachi Life shared Miis via QR codes.
But regarding levels, the Pushmo/Pullblox series all have level sharing via QR codes. Sadly there aren’t many floating around on the internet.

I don’t play Nintendo games, but QR code games are a neat thing. This might not be easy to implement with wiring mechanics though…

Let’s say that the format is “[BlockID]>[PlaceID]”.
But for wiring, the format would be like “[BlockID]>[PlaceID]lnk[TargetPlaceID];[TargetPlaceID2];[…]-[State]”.

So for wired data, it would be [2543>283lnk289;329;125-on].

For normal blocks, it would be

The overall data in the QR would consist of these blocks of data which map blocks to the world. At the end, it would be a checksum to ensure that no invalid data is being input & that no editor was used to insert admin blocks.