If this decays i get 550 wls🥳

it has decayed wls which means the owner hasn’t been online for at least 90 days

if this decays i will get about… 550+wls
when i entered i was mindblown this is kinda crazy.

and yes i did try jumping up useing the perk that allows wrench to go an extra block to wrench the dcase and it works but i fall down before i can take the fringe only a fly hack could take it

edit: bruhhh how tf did someone take these ughh wthe im so annoyed

this is worrying maybe the owner is back but im so confused im 99 percent sure only fly hacks could do that :confused:


Read the guestbook to see how long ago the owner confirmed the messages

none there but… there is this other world owned by the owner which had guestbooks accepted from 457 days… its actually how i originally found this world i saw the last messages were from 457 days so i checked the world of the owners name

Not If i get there first

if this decays give me 1 pl pls :smiley: gl

I should really say this, stop begging, it’s kinda annoying. Don’t you already have like 2 pls?

I gotta say. That is a nice find. I once found a 60pl decayed world :slight_smile:
Also I’m waiting on a world to decay with a bunch of glitched items

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Ya’ll are very lucky, so

You once were a noob then suddenly you can own 3 wings of the deep??

Hmm ill probs do like a 70 world lock giveaway or something like that but not to you :joy:

nice find! Good luck

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Give away orangeade @Orangehairguy

Plot Twist : The owner comes back at the last minute, he was just prank quitting

hehe i was once waiting for world to decay,it had over 10pl in it, small locks were already decayed, before owner logged back, im unlucky as always…

tell me world i could get stuff for u,butttt u give me 10% of the stuff u sell

That’s the most suspicious text i’ve ever seen “Tell me world I could get stuff for u”

ik that could happen :disappointed_relieved:

bro no…

why would i tell you the world name doing that is nearly the same as donating u 550wls

lol so i can help u :3

“Help u :3”
The fact that you used an emoji like that makes it too obvious


bruhhhhhhh how the (censored) could you help me?