If... (try do something with if)

if the next pet will be another wyvern i will done with mine
if trading was deleted i will quit the game forever
if hackers spread anywhere the game cannot be played anymore…

try do something with if

The mining wheel is just supposed to be a bonus though

It will still be played but it would become chaotic and not as good anymore

If clan wars are added, i’d grind harder

If I was a moderator… I’d spend hours searching and helping. (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

Bruh i didnt even mean to delete it

If there were more updates this game would be boomin’
If there was a bigger dev team, this game would be huge

If im famous i will raise funds and sponsor an item ingame like shikamaru shadow.

If i helped the community, ill be happy.

If I were jake i’d make an onlyfans


The next mining bonus will be a wyvern and probably the next 4 mining bonuses will be too.

Source: Trust me bro

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If I turn on lights.

The next mining bonus probably will be a wyvern though, just based on logic. The next 4 though? Doubt it.