If you could go back in time in pixel worlds would you?

if you were able to go back in time (pixel worlds only not irl) would you and if you would ho far back would you go? like would u lock certain worlds? buy certain items? snipe certain names? what would you do?

I would get the following worlds:
prolly more but idk
Hoard D pixies and other limited items ofc
Continue Building Mustachebros
Not quit pw
Those are what i can currently think of

Take the world TURTLE before blackwight does
Create an alt named Smile to take from smile70

Prob get the world TURTLE


I would go back in beta and get the username Smile.

Pretty sure TRADE was locked during beta by Sorsa to prevent anyone else from having it as they wanted a main trade world for Pixel Worlds, Jake mentioned this a while back.

As for PIXELSTATION, they’d just use a different name haha, nobody would have known better as to whether or not the name would have any meaning in the grand scheme of things as it never existed in the first place.

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I’d like to go back to 2014.

Realistically, I’d probably not go back in time, I believe everything in the flow of time happens and stays that way.
But for fun, I’d probably just lock a bunch of worlds like Trade or Buy and decide whether to be an evil tyrant in control of the economy o-
I mean, make some nice trade worlds.

I think that’s before Pixel Worlds even began development
It’d be like traveling back in time before your own birth


I would go back to the early beta and spend my mom’s credit to get a ton of wls and get vip.

I would go back to when I started, just to relive the good old days (’:

I’d go back in time and buy midnight walker a really good chair so that he would finnaly sit down.

Yes , of course , back in 2017 , to talk to my best friend , emanuelz again.

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I would like to go and lock a Touhou world to give it a proper tribute instead of leaving it in care of one small lock.
Actually I would like to go into the future to see how/ if the game is going to be developed in terms of features or tweaks instead of items.

I would most likely change my username to MrBear or PKMrBear

I’d just go back to beta to talk to all my friends, most of them stopped playing ;-;

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get all the famous worlds :))

get the world love and tell people to- deleted

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I would go back in time to 2016, start playing PW, get to know PW and start hoarding/buying tons of Dark Pixie Wings (assuming I still have knowledge about the future) and then profit thousands of wls.

For sure I’d go back and enjoy the earlier days of the game as I never really experienced them. I played a lot late 2018 so I missed a fair amount of early Pixel World’s history.

Another one
Would wait for xmas calendar 15 then log in earlier to take the 1.5k bytes or
Tell devs that they’ll make a mistake on that


im fine with everything that happened. I could add more to my post but its complicated i decided not to lol