Illegal traders should stop getting protection just because they're influencers

My report on @EkipAli literally promoting illegal trading was denied.

You’re not helping the game. You’re just burying it even more. Go ahead, pull a Growtopia and let PW be a place full of casinos, illegal traders and exploiters.

I think you get info way too late, He’s not a creator anymore

Then why does he get special protection?

Is he banned or not. ?

Which is what I had been led to believe.

Whilst on that is Serxan banned or not ? I saw one of his worlds which still had him as having admin status …??

all ekip’s accounts that the devs knew of were banned, yes

and yes serxan is banned and he never had admin status, just the mod status which was removed but if he still has name brackets then he didnt lose influencer role

Thanks, for clarity it had the vertical line either side of his account name . I actually thought this meant admin status … my error

Going to make for some interesting worlds down the road !

Btw why aren’t you a moderator ?? You strike me as a top candidate… :muscle:

damn, me as a mod?!?!? :flushed:

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His alts are banned, but he can simply make new ones, so it doesn’t matter.