I'm back again!

Yeah, kinda.

Starfire told me to make a new account and use it on forums.

Ok welcome back, :+1::ok_hand::clap::clap::clap:

Why ask you to do this when she can unban you…?

She told me use an ALT for now and soon, I’ll be contacting the staff to negotiate my ban.

May I ask, why are you banned?

Hello back again!

i thought the same thing retnos. sounds counterintuitive when his original account was banned for boosting likes and now he has another account he could use for that.

Idk, ask Starfire not me.

Oh!hey PIN! didn’t realise that you were gone!hi there!welcome back! (Sorry if I put too many exclamation marks while writing…)

Got banned, dont revive old, dead, and useless posts


it been 9 months since he got rebanned and now… he is banned again