I'm done getting hacked and the admin still didn't reply to me at email

I forgive the hacker, I don’t know man, yeah I’m sad, someone got my password. Idk man should I stop playing this game and focus on my life? It’s great to know that I logged my account and it’s all gone, my Raven wing, Classy set, Spectrum sword, spectrum halo, all gone, you know it’s hard to believe but yeah I’m sure I’m okay. That’s why I really need help recover my email account. I just stunned to speak about this, yeah all my profit gone just like that🧎. I’m lost literally. My heart drop and he left a letter, (Sorry you just got hacked)
Yeah it’s very simple story right guys?:grin:I forgive him

for god’s sake i believe this is all a test to prove that i am strong. Wish me better life. :slight_smile: I didn’t share my account to anyone and this happened without any reason.
Not a drama it’s 100% real I got hacked for no reason


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I have a good tip. Use a difficult password. I have never been hacked in any games.

I have 2 pixel worlds accounts. 1 account is 1994 days old and the other one is 1307 days old. Both have never been hacked.

It’s okay👍🏻bro only god knows my feelings… I’m better now bro it’s okay it’s fine 1162 days account lost just like that. The hacker couldn’t change my password but I won’t play with that account again.

I will create a new account and play as usual.

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No dude just change the pass and reuse the account

You forgot I can’t change my password Without me getting my email back in the game

I have played about 100 different games in the past 10 years and I have never been hacked, the only way this can happen is if you password was the same as your name or close to it,…The only other reason for you to get hacked is that you clicked on the wrong thing and you downloaded a key logger trying to cheat possibly. I recommend that if you like playing a game don’t try to cheat at it I presume you got what you asked for, you tried to cheat the game and got cheated by the better hacker.

Well the only place where I have been hacked multiple times is in Growtopia
(I mean no offense towards Ubisoft or any related company and this is purely my opinion and I can change them at any time I change my mind.)
I got scammed over 70 WLs over there.
Demotivated me but ok.

Ahh yeah that makes sense. I’m sorry man

Why bother to make this thread then?

This whole life is a test anyway, just be prepared for the hereafter, :+1:.

I feel bad that you got hacked so if you need some help in game, add me on discord and I’ll try everything in my power to assist you!


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This just happened to my clan mate a few mins ago, why tf are they getting other players passwords.

I believe adding a 2nd authentication would help this. :weary:

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