Im probably qiutting

I just cant make progress ive been playing for 500+ days
And never got even close to 50 or less world locks
Il still be active on forums and discord
But il probably will not play for a week of 2

I rarely play the game tbh. Just login every now and then. I prefer using the forums rather than playing.

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You managed to quit and not quit at the same time!

I started from nothing, without any experience just 1.5 weeks ago. 1 week ago, I started mining. I have made 120 World Locks since. And I haven’t even played for insanely long.

If you enjoy the game, you will get some locks. Without motivation, not possible.

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In my opinion, the game doesn’t last long for people who only want to be rich and quickly.
Working hard for world locks or bytecoins is a completely different and respectable thing though.


Yeah but if you are poor you will get bullied tho because i have seen some people get bullied because they had no world locks

Why you should prove something to a couple of strangers? Get respected because of being rich? I would rather enjoy the game then let some people bully me into grinding instead of having fun.

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Lietuvis? But some people dont like getting bullied

Hey man some tips on profitting farm a litte earn some gems g’et profit while trading go to nether or mine Theres plenty always to profit when you earned Your first 5-10 wls you Can start trading wings for profit like example “Selling demons 6 wls” or something Else it’s totally up to you if u want to quit or not but maybe take a look and have a fun time
From leo

Man im not dumb tho :confused:

I know how the game works

Yes ofcourse i was only trying to help you. But in last straw it’s Your choice and the people and community Will support the choice :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: ok :slight_smile:

Would be sad if you quit, but maybe take some time off and relax - maybe play something else for a while, then when you feel like playing Pixel Worlds again, you can. :slight_smile: