Im sad now. 7 years... actually nvm its 30d

lost everything cuz of a thing that nobody even told before i asked about it in the forums and i probably wont even be able to get everything back even without a refund of a thing…
I though i would keep my clan i spent a lot of time on… (the clan is around 1800 days now)
a nice place with events… but ig now clan will be dead.
All the items i were farming for in pixel mines…
the new mini-games i were creating to make the game for other people even more fun…
All this is now gone because of some… lazy person who ruins the game economy and people who… lose everything… cuz of that person… and maybe this… person wont be found…

i just found out its 30d ban. i dont really like this either cuz again not like i did anything actually bad, the worst part is i were just wearing a mask. But my progress isnt gone… i hope. Do people who get hacking suspicion get all their stuff taken away, only the last ones or nothing at all

Well, people were warned multiple times to not have hacked items, eventuallii some people are banned for it once caught, with the fact that the Mug mask is OBVIOUSLII all duped, and there’s onlii 1 REAL one [which exists on account “MrCoffee”, meaning, anyone spotted with one, is wearing a duped item, and it’s more than knowledgable for most that it’s a duplicated item, additional to that… well… you seem more than knowing of that, as the fact that you pointed out you were “just wearing a mask” means yes, you know you most likelii got banned for the mask, which people were warned to not buy, by some noteable members of the communitii.

p.s the last time there was a dupe and staff were looking into it, Lokalapsi posted on the official instagram and said "do not BUY or SELL (duped item name) when she handled it [handled, in quotations, as it’s still quite prominent, just less than the 10,000+ that was duped [speculation]

p.p.s the ban most likelii will be extended to 10 years at the 20 days remaining mark, but :person_shrugging: not sure, it’s just happened to a ton of people who’s had bans like this…

also, this isn’t for Marketplace since you’re not selling / buying an item, more General stuff, since you’re talking about just a ban, and not asking for help etc

Well the fact that you need to go in deffirent places like instagram, pixel forums and etc to maybe know that something in game shoudnt be bought is stupid, i can understand that they prob cant say it in thr game cuz they are not devs but how can people who just play the game know that stuff.
Also yes i was wearing the mask and as a person whos not in instagram, discord and other stuff exclude this forums which i dont read that often, i didnt knew i cant wear duped stuff which i bought for bc.
I know that not knowing the rule is my problem so ill take this 30d ban which i hope wont become infinite for no reason but the fact that you need to use different platforms to know those additional rules is annoying.

Also i dont even know whos mrcoffee is, cuz again, im not using instagram and etc for this game. So i couldnt know its limited item for someone and not a normal item

Uh yea sorry for another message, ofc i already know which reason i got banned:

  1. I created a topic about the mug hat is everywhere today cuz i didnt understand why it became so popular and i never seen a single one before. People answered me that it probably got duped like dsp
  2. The mod 3 seconds before i got ban told me “show me the mask”
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I agree to this, wish ingame when you open the PWE it hard a warning tab for items that are suspected and should be waited on for selling n buying, or just a prompt when you open the game “Admin Notices: bla bla bla” would be nice.

Ahh, i like that you’re taking accountabilitii for your actions, well at the verii least now you learn that wearing them / owning them etc can lead to punishments depending on the mod who sees you, they all decide if they want to punish it or not, under the premise of “hacking suspicion”

Ahh, didn’t the item description say “Given to MrCoffee by EndlesS” or something like that? idk i never had it but, i swear it has a reason, much like bulbie was given to ThomasEdison from EndlesS

Eitherway, it’s a crappii situation to be in, banned for having it, vs banned for even entering the world etc, some people are banned for worse so, let’s just hope you’re not gonna be converted to a perma ban in the long run

That’s a bit of a scummii way to ban you… “show me something illegal” bans ??? [my opinion atleast]

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I feel like there was 2 mods, 1 was asking first and second just bans whoever he sees with it

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Well said it’s completely stupid. Wrong even
The lack of communication is borderline wreckless imo.

This forum is supposed to be an official channel. It’s not even read by anyone (apart from Retnos)

Endless was mentioned. Someone who actually used to play the game .

I do not believe the current dev plays the game otherwise many of these issues would simply not be there…

Anyone visiting pixel station and it’s PWEs would see instantly the level of dupes. Another example take the bot problem, they are intrusive, annoying, actually hit you etc etc NO gamer would tolerate it

Banning one or two players for dupes can really only mean there is some other reason or motive .

Yesterday I even started to wonder if all this allowing of dupes was a deliberate ploy to enable players to experience more stuff? Cos I’m quite sure most wouldn’t otherwise - I include me in that !

Why why why why can’t an admin just ban the player(s) who list 10 or even a 100 of the many items that are now duped.

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So why can’t this player(s) be banned?

Deal with the suppliers not the users!