I'm toxic? (idea not mine)

  • Francy is ok
  • Francy is toxic >:)

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Idea is made by vanoyt_pro


Oops i voted yes to My self o.o

Where’s the “You’re alright” option.
I personally think that.
Oohhh oooops aaaaannndddd Iii voted both of them.

I made changes vote now :slight_smile:

you are new to the forum so, idk?

Regardless of me being rickrolled,
What is that face?!?!
Looks so weird to me.

Guys watch background of my profile info

This is why the forums shouldn’t get active once again. (Just kidding)

I think we can all agree people hardly make rickroll jokes funny

Guys how i can see who voted?

(This is the only forum i use)

TellcodeGamer teaches yet another lesson to new people: How to make a forums poll with public votes:
First of all, press the “Build Poll” button,
Then press the cogs button and scroll down and press the “Show who voted” button.
Actually, why I don’t I give you a demonstration?
Check your dms, The pictures will be a bit big and can cover alot of this topic.

Who voted Francy Is Toxic?

Oh god please no the trend is back once again

Muhahahha the trend is coming :smiling_imp:

@Tellcode can u teach me how to made a post with an image?

Yeah sure, check your dms in a while. I’ll send the instructions.